In a thoughtful, poignant and humorous way, "Please Return My Phone Call: Preventing The Demise Of Personal And Professional Relationships explores some of the causes and effects of this horrible habit and offers simple solutions for fixing the problem.

Right now as you read this, millions of dollars are being lost in businesses all over the world because someone has not returned a phone call in a timely manner.  Poor phone etiquette or the horrible habit as the Yoba's have defined it, is a significant source of corporate dysfunction in America.  You would probably agree that the world is filled with far too many people who make unfulfilled promises; people who can't even keep their word on something as simple as returning a phone call.  It is an insidious problem that plagues companies big and small and has wreaked havoc in interpersonal relationships.  Until now, no one has ever really given careful consideration to how this horrible habit is costing them or their organization untold dollars in revenue and how it can profoundly alter personal relationships.

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Handbook for business communication etiquette.

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